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phantomhives-cabinet_ID_Flat by anotherclichejrocker
Kuroshitsuji Vol.1
Bocchan..? by zuzumc
Sebastian Michaelis by Anime-Wolf35
That Butler, Grave Injury by Delila2110
[Commission] Sebastian Chibi Plush by flowery-tan
Kuroshitsuji Vol.2
Arachne Patousa by Psychedelic-Factory
Claude, Alois and Princess Cupcakex by Jedi-TARDIS-Chick101
Ciel by BeautifuldaisyDA
Jumbo by Lo-Lita96
Dagger by Lo-Lita96
Joker by Lo-Lita96
Beast by Lo-Lita96
Black Rose by Akitozz6
Claude Faustus by Chaosvin
The Devil witin by ScarletCardinal
Black Butler by ScarletCardinal
TerenceXAlois [Commission] by Yuvena
Kuroshitsuji Halloween Contest - 2016 by Aldric-Cheylan

Mature Content

William x Serena (Commission) by kitkatnis
The two demon butlers by Chaosvin
Icons, flashes, animations
Raelinn x Adrian by SasusRedhead
Grell Pagedoll by Florierend
Undertaker Pagedoll by Florierend
Sebastian Pagedoll by Florierend
Blavat Sky by namisiaa

Random from Featured

:blackrose: Phantomhives Cabinet :blackrose:




Your main-Host:

:iconjennyjinya::iconsaysplz: I'm bidding you welcome, dear Guest!
:icondressplz:  Jenny-Jinya              

If you leave so group - so will your art


Welcome to our manor house on the outskirts of Victorian era London. Butler Sebastian Michaelis will take good care about our Guests. Please allow us to introduce you to our hosts; Ciel Phantomhive, Agni, Ash, Bard, Finnian, Grell Sutcliff, Lau, Soma, Undertaker, Viscount, Druitt, William T. Spears, Doll, Madame Red and all the creepy rest!

Once you get your own room in our Cabinet feel free to spread your fantastic works within these hallowed halls.
Please be friendly to your neighbours and your fellow occupants.

This is a Group dedicated to Kuroshitsuji AND Monoshitsuji!
Artworks of all medias are welcome,
Please read the rules before joining!
Feel free to join if you're a fan of Kuroshitsuji.

:jsenn: How to Join? :blackrose:

Just let us know that you would like to join our Cabinet by clicking "Join our Group" above.
Our Butlers will reserve you your very own room.
But Attention +watching the group will NOT make you a member - you have to join, if you wanna submit!
Please read the following rules, don't violate them, otherwise you'll have to leave our Cabinet!

:jsenn: The  Rules! :blackrose:

:pointr: Please DON'T submit to the 'Featured' Folder!
:pointr: As a member you can upload your artworks/photos/whatever, as long as the stuff is made by YOU. Artthieves are not welcome here.
:pointr: Respect all members and their works
:pointr: don't flame or spam
:pointr: SHOW SOME EFFORD! You don't need to be a high professionell Artist, but please SCAN your artworks, don't submit photos of it! Sketches of lined paper will also be declined!
:pointr: Please PLEASE submit your stuff to the right folder.
:pointr: Kuroshitsuji-related stuff ONLY. Your Works must have some kuro-stuff in it.
:pointr: OC's are allowed as long as you can discern that it's about Kuroshitsuji... not just any historical OC, you know what I mean?!
Anyway' you're OC's are welcome at the "Other"-folder, if the Cabinet is getting enough OC's, they will get their own one.
:pointr: When the german-founder is writing grammar-errors, feel free to tell her! ^_-

:pointr: mature content is okay to a certain degree, as long it has no "hardcore" things in it like rape, or hard paedophilia acts... you know, here are pretty young people on the way ^^; So please don't take it as a personal criticism of your art when any of your stuff is getting declined.

:jsenn: Some HINTS!! :blackrose:

:pointr: You don't have to be a professionel to submit something. This group is founded for having fun and sharing fandom ^^
:pointr: If you ignore the folders, My Butlers will KICK YOUR ASS! (No, Seriously, I always have to move the Pics by myself...that's annoying)

:jsenn: How to submit? :blackrose:

You want to enlarge our cabinet with your Works? No problem,
but there are some rules to notice yet!

:pointr: Art unrelated to Kuroshitsuji will be rejected.
:pointr: Please scan your pictures, don't take a photo of them.
:pointr: If I forgot something important, just act like I didn't.



The Helpdesk

Questions? Problems? Cookie-tide? Our Hosts and Butlers
are always there when you need them. Send a note with your
problem and leave it to our Butlers.

Should your personal Butler don't obey you, contact
our host who's going to punish them severely:
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HinataFox790 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey guys, I'm really not in a good place and I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask this, so with that being said, is there anyone here who is opened for digital color Black Butler Requests (not commissions)?
princess-sweetflower Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Can anyone RP with me please~!

BlackButler RolePlay- I want my oc Serena to be a demon child that can transform into a cat. Now, this is the good part. Sebastian takes Serena (in cat form) into the manor and when everyone is sleep or even during the day she would transform into a human. She would explore and Watch people as they went about their day that even mean Ciel as well. After awhile though she is caught in her human form by Sebastian himself and takes her in as his own daughter.
victoriahellsing Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
Would anyone like to do a Black Butler roleplay?
KatsuNoJutsu95 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Hi the Book of circus folder is closed! So I submitted to season 1 folder!
SavageScribe Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2015  Professional Filmographer
Thank you very much for taking in Trancy's Tale, but may I ask why it was shifted into Other instead of Vol. 2 after being moved from Featured (which I understand that part so that's not a problem)?
JennyJinya Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2015
There's no problem :) ALL fanfictions and texts go into "Other"
But I'll probably make an "literatue" folder soon and move them all to there
SavageScribe Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2015  Professional Filmographer
Ah, wonderful!
HopeSwings777 Featured By Owner May 8, 2015
Ciel never gets taller?  Why>? Could it be this: 
  • Psychosocial dwarfism: This is a disorder of short stature or growth failure and/or delayed puberty. This often occurs in association with emotional deprivation and/or child abuse and neglect.
KatsuNoJutsu95 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
The book of circus folder was closed so I submitted to featured ~
JennyJinya Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2015
hm weird, it's not closed actually. It's alright I'll move it to the right folder :aww:
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